Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Did It!!

Cleaned everything out of the sewing room, well, everything that was on the floor and chest.  Made sure all projects were bagged up so all parts are together.  Piled everything on our queen size bed.  The bed was completely covered, a foot deep in many places.  Vacuumed the floor!!!!!!!  Put all my vintage linens, etc inside the chest, then piled all the bagged projects on top of the chest.  Boy do I have my work cut out for me!!  I still need to rearrange my shelves and get rid of some stuff and shelve stuff I want to keep.  Put a bunch of stuff in the truck to drop off at the Goodwill tomorrow when I'm out for errands.  My sewing table is loaded up again, but that should be rectified Thursday.  Dh goes back to work and I will have a long day home alone to work in there again.  Friday is the Quilt and Craft Expo at the fairgrounds.  That's my annual selfish shopping spree.  I have so much I don't find much I can't live without anymore.  Bummer.  :)  Saturday is quilt study group.  Uncovered two of dh's old quilts that his grandmothers made (may go back farther, he doesn't remember, may need to ask his mother).  Also found the quilt that my grandmother made for my son 40+ years ago.  Taking all three to quilt study for show and tell.  I think I did good today.  My back hurts something awful from all the bending and lifting, but it is looking good!!!!!!!


Lois said...

Sounds like a mega-day's work! It's good to sort of know what you have and feel like you can attack a project when you want to! Congrats of such a great day's work in your sewing room.

Carolyn Lewis said...