Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mother is at rest

Mother passed away peacefully in her sleep early Sunday morning. Elaine and I had settled her down for the evening and since she was breathing easy, did not give her any meds to help with her discomfort. Elaine had checked on her about 2am and she was sleeping quietly, I checked on her about 5:30 and she was gone, still in the position that we had settled her in the night before. She looked so peaceful. She was an amazingly strong woman and she will be sorely missed. I am so grateful for God giving me a Christian mother.  I am so grateful that I got to spend these last two weeks with her. She took care of me for so many years, I am glad I got to return the favor. I will cherish the memory of this time for the rest of my life.
Woke up to rain this morning. It has let up temporarily, but still cloudy. This is the kind of day that I miss now that I live in Arizona. I love when rain settles in for the day, rather than passing thru in a few hours. We laid Mother to rest yesterday. It was a bright, sunshiny, warm day. Cousins came to the service and it was so good catching up with them. I am embarrased to say that I did not recognize some as I had not seen them since they were children. Where does the time go?????? We had such a good visit before the service, then again after the graveside service. We shared memories of Mother, of visits with our grandparents, of visits with each other, many memories revisited and many laughs shared. What a wonderful healing time. The church service was beautiful and the host church made us feel like family. The graveside was special and personal. It was nice being back at the church we attended when visiting our grandparents. Although none of us cousins ever lived in Kents Store (well, we did for 3 months before joining Daddy in Germany waaaaayyyy back in 1956) we have roots there. My greatgrandfather pastored the church for a time, a cousin's husband pastored the church for a time. My grandparents and now both my parents are at rest there. There is something about that area that makes even those who did not grow up there feel at home. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us during this time. Your love and support have indeed been felt and cherished.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still hanging in there......

Mother's breathing seems more labored. It is getting harder to get her to take her meds. We crush the pills and mix with a little applesauce or yogurt to help them slide down. Sometimes I think she only "endures" it to please us. We have to keep her sitting up all the time to aid in her breathing. We try to keep her restful with the meds for nausea and anxiety so she doesn't have to endure the pain in her chest. She rouses a bit on occasion, but she is so tired. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers. It really does help knowing you are all out there supporting us.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chest Pains continue

Chest pains are continuing to plague Mother.  We are giving the stronger meds more frequently.  So tough to see her suffer.  She and I have some interesting discussions during the day as she hovers between sleep and awake.  At one point she said she felt "murky".  Poor thing.  Lois is here for overnight.  This morning as I tried to comfort her until the meds kicked in, she reached up to give me a hug.  Did it bring on the waterworks??? Naahhhhh.  :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Request prayers

Mother's good day has turned not so good.  She is having chest pain, presumably from bad heartburn.  Have given her two doses of her morphine, but she's still in discomfort and still awake.  The first dose did absolutely nothing.  Not sure exactly what is going on.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Most of our snow has melted.  The sun is shining.  Two of Mother's cousins came by today to visit with her. She knew who they were and chatted with them for a bit. Then we had a nice long visit. We all realized during our conversation how blessed we all are to have come from such a strong Christian family background. Our faith has been passed down thru many generations. It is something that as children we tended to take for granted as that was all we knew, but now as adults realized how blessed we all are. As Happy put it, we were saved "from" sin by being born into Christian families. Our faith was with us from the beginning of our lives. We didn't have to go looking for it like so many others. Truely a blessing. (Hope this all makes sense! lol). Another cousin, Cathy, stopped by near the end of our visit.  Cynda led in prayer over Mother before they all left. The visit may have done me more good than Mother! :) Praise God for our extended family!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family Reunion

All three grandkids were here today to visit with Mother.  Bryan and his family, Sarah, and Art (he flew in from MI today).  We got lots of pictures and Mother seemed quite aware of what was going on, even though her eyes were shut most of the time.  I think she really enjoyed having them all here today.  Did her a world of good.  Of course, us "oldies" had a good time also.  lol  Elaine, me and Lois.  Just missing Carolyn, but she will come up for the day tomorrow to see M and Art.  Lois and her crew left just before dinner.  Art will be here til Tuesday.  All in all a good day.  Thanks for all the prayers.  They are much appreciated.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update on Mother

Mother is holding her own, I guess you could say.  She does have problems with acid reflux which is very painful for her.  We have been giving her some meds and hopefully they will work to control that.  I so hate to see her in pain.  She has been a real trouper all thru this.  She is eating a little bit, which makes us feel better anyway.  She spends most of her time sleeping. which is to be expected.  I am so glad I am here.  No place I would rather be right now.

Friday, February 10, 2012

100 Quilts 100 Years

The "100 Quilts - 100 Years" quilt exhibit opens at the Arizona Historical Museum on Saturday, February 18 with  ribbon cutting ceremony at 1:30 pm.  The Commemorative Quilt will also be on display.  The book and dvd (a virtual tour) are available for sale.  You can but either one or get both at a discount.  Here's the link.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on Mother

I will be flying to VA on Tuesday to help sisters care for Mother.  She seems to be holding her own.  Supposed to be released from hospital tomorrow and transported to Elaine's, where I will be going.  Hard not knowing how long I will be staying, but plan to see it through.  Will take some hand piecing and some cross stitch projects to keep my hands busy.  Elaine has lots of books, so will be well supplied in that area.  Looking forward to seeing everyone, even though the circumstances aren't the greatest.  Really mixed feelings on this trip.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Requesting Prayers

To family and friends: Mother went in the hospital this morning in Hampton. When she woke up this morning and was unable to sit up or dress herself so Carolyn took her in. She is currently on oxygen and an IV and they are getting ready to move her to a room in the Hospice ward, where she will be able to stay for up to 7 days while other decisions are made. Elaine and Lois are in Hampton now. Mother's kidneys are not up to par, so we do not know how long she will continue. The doctors say days or months. Please keep us in your prayers. Marsha, could you contact your mother for us? Thanks!