Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Progress

I've finished quilting the body of the small quilt.  I need to decide what I'm going to quilt on the borders.  I know I will do small hearts in the corner blocks, but not sure what to do on the sides.  Have to dig out my stencils and see if anything "speaks" to me.  :)  It's been fun working on this.  Does it look properly scrappy to you?  Looks a lot different  on the computer screen than it does in "real life"!  The white really seems to jump out.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doing some hand quilting in between laundry loads.  This is a small quilt - 22 x 22 from Temecula.  I am doing one of their monthly quilts and the neat thing is that each month you get a "bonus" pattern for a small quilt.  Now to decide which of my dolls will "inherit" this quilt when it's finished!  :)

Stormy Weather

We had a storm blow thru the valley yesterday evening around 6ish.  We got hard winds and almost lost a tree.  Others weren't so lucky and did lose trees.  The dust storm portion passed through west of us so we missed most of the dirt.  We also didn't get much rain, just some sprinkles.  The picture is the beautiful side of the weather.  I love how the sun rays stream down.  Gotta tell ya, I am loving my new camera!  :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

A River Runs Thru It

Ever have a noise wake you up in the morning and you think to yourself "I don't want to know what that is" ?? That was us this morning. Walked out of the bedroom into the hallway to a flood. The swamp cooler had sprung a leak. The hall ceiling and the front bathroom ceiling were demolished. Drywall in the toilet is not a good thing. Water flowed down the hall, along one living room wall and into the kitchen. Not how I wanted to spend the day.  I have been wet vacing up water.  Steve is on the roof trying to repair the cooler.  At least it is not triple digits today.

4:51PM  Cooler is repaired.  Mess cleaned up in the bathroom and hallway.  We have a bathroom back!  lol  Guess we will live with the lack of ceiling until we can install the a/c later this year.  No point in spending money on drywall, just to tear it back out in a few months.  Home ownership. Huh.