Saturday, December 3, 2011

Long Day

Had our monthly ACQP meeting today.  The "official photographer" was there to take our pictures as a committee and filmed parts of our meeting for posterity's sake.  Had to sign model release forms, so I guess I am a professional model!!!  Too funny.  After I got home, I spent the afternoon working on ACQP stuff, getting the minutes refined and coming up with a synopsis of our history.

I'm so glad I made a big pot of turkey soup yesterday afternoon.  Just chopped up the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, poured in two cans of chicken broth, a big bag of frozen mixed veggies, some celery and onion and a cup of barley and let it simmer away.  The pot of soup always comes out bigger than I anticipate.  I think I should get a bigger pan, but that would only mean more soup.  We will be eating off it for a week at least, as it is.

It was cool and cloudy all day and we got some rain.  I love this kind of weather.  I could deal with it year round.