Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Tribute

A picture of my dad, who was career Air Force, retiring after serving 22 years.  He started out in the Army Air Corp, then transferred to the Air Force when it was created.  He served in WWII in England, went on many TDY duties throughout his career, and finally retired out of Langley AFB in VA.  I believe this picture was taken in Germany, at Bitburg AFB, where he served from 1956 - 1959.  We were able to join him at this post.  Thanks for your service, Daddy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Computer!

Got my new Dell laptop today!  Still working on getting files transferred over from old laptop and desktop.  DH wants to use the laptop as his gaming computer so he wants all unrelated files off it and on to my new computer. Hmmmmm.  lol  I have a built in camera so I can skype now!  Just have to figure out how and find someone to skype with!  It's also much faster than the old laptop.  And has a numeric keypad, which I have really been wanting.  Having fun finding my way around.  I think I will like it!