Friday, November 18, 2016

Vogart 1930s Farmer Brown Block

I purchased these embroidered blocks from a vendor at the 2016 American Quilt Study Seminar in Tempe, Arizona.  This will be my "seminar souvenir".

They are 12 pre-stamped Vogart blocks.  They seem to be in sets of two, based on the use of different colored stamping ink.  The blocks measured about 8' square before I soaked them to remove some of the yellowing from age.  I will now have to trim them to 6 1/4" square to get them back to all the same size.

I purchased some yellow fabric to use for sashing, border and backing.  I am looking forward to completing the quilt.

Farmer Brown and Mrs. Brown are Set A

Butch Brown and Baby Brown are Set B

Mrs. Brown's Chickens and Mr. Brown's Geese are Set C

Mr. Brown's Pigs and Mrs. Brown's Lambs are Set D

Mr. Brown's Cow and Baby Brown's Pony are Set E

Hee-Haw and Billy are Set F

I've arranged them in pairs, according to their stamp ink color.  At the bottom of the blocks is printed "Vogart for Value  Approx. 8 x 16"  Made in U. S. A. "  and "15-No. 877 - D - QUILT BLOCKS - 100% COTTON - RN19568".

Note: I just noticed that there are six sets:  A, B, C, D, E and F, so I have edited to reflect that.

If you have any additional information about these, please let me know!  There is not much on Vogart blocks online that I can find.

I hope you enjoy these and I will post pictures of the completed quilt when I have finished it!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another Baby Quilt!

This quilt was made for a baby girl.  I used Minnie Mouse fabric, with red and white polka dot and a solid yellow for contrast in a Disappearing Nine Patch design, just to keep it easy and fast to do!  I used the Minnie Mouse fabric for the backing and the red and white polka dot for the binding.