Friday, July 13, 2012

A River Runs Thru It

Ever have a noise wake you up in the morning and you think to yourself "I don't want to know what that is" ?? That was us this morning. Walked out of the bedroom into the hallway to a flood. The swamp cooler had sprung a leak. The hall ceiling and the front bathroom ceiling were demolished. Drywall in the toilet is not a good thing. Water flowed down the hall, along one living room wall and into the kitchen. Not how I wanted to spend the day.  I have been wet vacing up water.  Steve is on the roof trying to repair the cooler.  At least it is not triple digits today.

4:51PM  Cooler is repaired.  Mess cleaned up in the bathroom and hallway.  We have a bathroom back!  lol  Guess we will live with the lack of ceiling until we can install the a/c later this year.  No point in spending money on drywall, just to tear it back out in a few months.  Home ownership. Huh.

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