Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Project

I have chosen to work on Laura J. Perin's Christmas Tree 2011 during the Olympics.  I got a late start since I was attending the American Quilter's Society show last week in Phoenix.  I went Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and had a blast.  Took three classes.  Learned a lot.  Saw some beautiful quilts on display.  Spent some money at the vendor booths.  Ran into some friends I haven't see in a long time.  All in all, a great time!

This is the progress I made on the tree yesterday.  I taped all the Olympic shows so I could catch up.  It's been fun avoiding the news so I don't hear about wins until I can see them for myself.  I like the suspense!  lol  Once the morning news program is over, I will get back to watching the games and stitching.  It's always a good thing when your stitching intersections match up where they are supposed to.

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