Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's finished!  The color is off, took the picture with my cell phone.  It's actually an off-white background, white flowers and the words are light, medium and dark pink.  I was supposed to do a second one, but my friend asked for it back to do herself.  Have to admit, I am kind of glad to be free to do other projects, but if she needs help with it, I will certainly be available for her.  The french knots in the flower centers were a bear to do.  It was hard pulling two threads through the fabric.  The needle that came with the kit was way too big so I got my own needles in a smaller size.  I will give her one of those to work with.

Tomorrow I go to the American Quilter's Society seminar in Phoenix.  I am volunteering at a booth tomorrow.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I am taking quilt classes.  It will be a fun rest of the week!

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