Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I added some ornaments to the top section of the tree.  I discovered I am missing two of the threads I need for this project.  I have a feeling they are in a bag somewhere in my mess but it will be much easier to make a run to my LNS and get more.  :)  This ribbon braid is fussy and each stitch has to be laid smooth.  My trolley needle is getting quite a workout.  The missing ornaments in this section will be in a glittery green.  So far I have "hung" red, gold and purple ornaments. 
I stitched a bit on my Hometown  Holiday Main Street Station piece.  Then printed out all the stitch directions released so far for the Save the Stitches blackwork piece.  I haven't actually started stitching on that one.  I need to get started on it so I can keep up with it as it's a monthly stitchalong.
Well, that's today's progress.  Tomorrow I have an afternoon meeting, so I won't have as much time to stitch.  Maybe I can start "hanging" ornaments on the next tree section.

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