Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Renovation Update

The renovation has started up again, after almost a month when our contractor had to go home and take care of some repairs at his own home.  Kitchen cabinets are in and he has had nightmares about them!  Poor guy.  I do have plenty of storage in my kitchen now!  Since my last post, the laundry / pantry has been completed and the kitchen is in progress.  The laundry is pretty much finished, just a few last minute touchups.  This is how it looked before emptying the kitchen.  The freezer and fridge are out there now, as well as my temporary kitchen.

The kitchen was totally gutted, the entry door moved and turned into an arch, all new drywall on all the walls, crown molding installed,  walls painted and cabinets installed.  I was cabinet and countertop poor in the old kitchen so I fixed that problem!  I will show pics of the completed kitchen once it's finished, but here's a taste of what is going on.  Maggie had to inspect all the new installs.  I think she approves.  We never had any issues with them getting on the counters in the old kitchen so we will have to retrain them now.  I think it is more a matter of "hey, something new in the house!"  They will be allowed on the counter in front of the picture window, as they are used to being allowed to sit on the windowsill.  But the other counters will be off-limits to them.  Wish me luck!  Good-bye ugly cabinets and floors!  Good-bye white walls!

This is the site of the new kitchen entrance.  The short wall on the left of the picture hides where the fridge will go so it won't be visible from the living room. 

The colors here are closer than what they really are, except for the countertop.  It is more charcoal than deep black.  You can just see the edge of the new archway.  The cabinet hardware has been ordered and will hopefully arrive this coming week.  I needed 40 knobs!!!  That tells you something about how much storage I have now!  lol   I went for drawers on the lower cabinets for the 24" deep section as I hate trying to dig in the back of lower cabinets to reach stuff.  There was so much hiding in the back of the old cabinets that I had forgotten about!  The cabinets on the north and south walls are only 18" deep, due to space restrictions.  But nothing will disappear in them.  I got 6 lower cabinets, each with a drawer.  They sit higher as they are "finished" garage cabinets, but I like that about them - more of a buffet style area than regular kitchen counter height.  The counters shown in this last picture are regular height and will include the stove, sink and dishwasher.  This is the east wall.  The west wall will be bare, to house my antique china cabinet.

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