Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ground Cover Project

The finished project!  I had another meeting so was not able to attend the event.  I think it turned out amazing!  You can visit their website for more pictures and information.  If you click on "The Blanket" at the top of the home page, it will take you to a grid of the project.  I make H14.  I chose a section with multiple colors, but looking back on how hard it was to track down all the fabrics (I had to go to 4 different JoAnn's stores in the heat of the summer), I should probably have chosen a section with only one color!  lol  But it was fun to be a part of this project.

This is the one I made.  Looks a bit wrinkled!  lol

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Roslyn said...

That is amazing, the finished piece is unbelievable. Is it done every year?