Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Reading on other blogs about progress made last year and plans for new year.  I guess I will just renew the "goal" I decided on last year and the year before - FINISH MY UFOs!!!!  Sigh.  My sister and I are going to try to encourage each other to PRODUCE FINISHED PROJECTS this year.  I could easily stay busy all year and not buy any new fabric or start any new projects.  But I know me too well.  I will not be able to resist something new. 

This morning we had Christmas Danish for breakfast.  I didn't get them made in time for Christmas morning, as is the custom.  I found this recipe way back when I was in high school (think mid 1960s - gasp) and they have become a family favorite.  The recipe was in a Fleichmann's recipe booklet that I sent off for.  I lost the original book a few years ago (it was very ragged and stained) but was able to find another on Ebay.  They take three days of prep and 3 sticks of butter, but they are so yummy!  They practically melt in your mouth.  Sheer bliss!  The recipe makes 2 dozen, which means when family is all together, there are no leftovers.  With just me and Cowboy, I am able to freeze them so we can enjoy them throughout the year.  I freeze after shaping and before baking, as these really need to be eaten fresh out of the oven. 

We spent New Year's Eve with Cowboy's family.  A good night of games, food and chatting.  We did manage to stay up until midnight, and slept in this morning til almost 9.  Spending a quiet day today.  Cowboy has the rest of the week off so maybe we will manage to get in a road trip or two. 

Hope everyone has a healthy and happy year in 2013!  I hope to post more often.  Hmmm, that kinda sounded like a new year's resolution.  lol


AllyJo said...

I'm thinking all quilters have the same goals and we always fail, which is totally fine with me. :) I love new fabric. But I am with you. I was thinking today I have a lot to bind, so I think I'll stick to that for awhile. Binding finished quilts.

Happy New Year

Roslyn said...

Three days & three quarters of a pound of butter they better be good, LOL. I usually make Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning & they are pretty deadly, eggs. butter, sugar, nuts & then the cream cheese frosting. Only once a year!.