Sunday, April 19, 2015

More chickens!

Well, I went to Tractor Supply for cat food and they had a new shipment of chicks in.  Got home and called Cowboy at work and told him.  He told me to go back and buy a couple of RI reds as that's what he wanted.  The minimum purchase was 6 chicks.  So now I have a total of 14 chicks.  I wanted a total of 6 chickens.  Oops.  Hoping my girlfriend still wants to add to her flock.  The top photo is 4 of the new babies.  The second shows two of them with the older ones.  The bigger ones are getting good wing feathers and have some tail feathers coming in.  They seem to be integrating well.

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gracie said...

We do not have a problem with ants, just the other birds that want to drink. We have a nice bird bath right there, but no, they want hummer food. Love the chicks.