Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some Blackwork Progress

I am working on the Blackwork Journey Save the Stitches, offered as free patterns on this blog:

This has been going on for a good while, as you can see, and I am very behind.  I was finally able to pull it back out to work on Sunday, and have worked on it a bit each day since.  I am only on the second block.  I am really enjoying it.  Part of the challenge for me is finding a rhythm to each of the stitches, so I don't have to keep looking back at the pattern.  Some are easier to do this way than others. 

I have it on my Needle Needs stretcher bars.  I do love these bars, and also purchased the lap stand and floor stand.  I'm currently using the lap stand, but want to pull out the floor stand and see how that works.  The only issue I have with the company is that they are very, very slow to deliver.  I placed my last order 3 months ago.  They were prompt to process my payment.  About 1 1/2 months ago they emailed me to let me know that my order was being processed.  I finally emailed them this week to check on the order.  They apologized and said it would be shipped out that day.  I know all their products are hand made, and some items are always on back order.  I know they are coming from England.  But.......  Ah well.  I think I have all the sizes I want now for frames, so once the final order arrives, I should be set for life.  I want to get some other projects framed up so I can rotate them.

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Roslyn said...

My eyes cannot handle this type of needlework anymore & I really do not have the time, but I admire what it is.