Monday, March 31, 2014

February Quilt Retreat

It's only been a month since my quilt retreat with my sisters.  Sorry I'm so slow posting.  It was a great week.  We had a beautiful cottage to stay in, courtesy of one sister's friends.  The first day there, I sat on the back porch and enjoyed looking at the water.  It was a very nice change from my usual view of the Arizona desert.  This post is a bit picture heavy, but I hope you enjoy!  The first pictures are the view from the back porch.  Can you blame me for sitting out there?  The sunsets were amazing.  The back of the house had large picture windows, so we could enjoy the view from inside as we sewed.

This is sewing machine central.  It was such fun stitching together.
Here are some of the projects that were worked on.

This last little quilt was made from the leftovers from the table runner just above.  The table runner was a class I took at the AQS show.  I used the scraps to make a doll quilt and gave it to my sister to give to her granddaughter - my great niece.
These are all the quilts worked on during the week. Some projects were already started and just finished up this week.  Some projects were started and finished, at least to the flimsy stage.  All in all, I'd say we had a very productive week!  In my next post I will share pictures of our field trip to Williamsburg to view the "Quilts in the Baltimore Style" exhibit we saw.

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