Sunday, November 6, 2011


I love reading other people's blogs.  I love reading about what is going on in their lives.  Why is it we find someone else's "normal" life so much more interesting than our own?  Do we all have a bit of voyeur in us?  I also love to follow crafty blogs, specifically embroidery and quilting blogs.  I love to watch others' progress on their projects.  I keep telling myself I will start posting my works in progress, thinking that might motivate me to finish things a bit more quickly.  Still waiting for that to happen.  lol

The ACQP committee met yesterday.  Because of scheduling conflicts and lots of out of town traveling by members, we have not met since August.  It was a long meeting, but we got a lot covered.  The Commemorative Quilt has been officially unveiled.  It was also displayed at the state fair last weekend.  It will be on display at the Tempe Historical Museum starting next weekend and will be there until the middle of January.  It will also be on display at both the Tucson Quilt Show and the AQG quilt show.  So glad it's getting lots of exposure.

We're supposed to get some rain tomorrow so dh and I will probably go out 4-wheeling.  It should be a beautiful day for it.  The temps dropped to the low forties last night and should stay in the 60s all day, with it just a bit warmer tomorrow.

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