Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Commemorative Quilt has been unveiled!

The Arizona Commemorative Quilt was officially unveiled in Prescott, AZ a couple of weeks ago at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Sorry I'm so slow getting around to posting pictures. Hope you enjoy! It is really beautiful. The front and back were quilted separately, then joined together with the binding. The Arizona Historical Museum has graciously agreed to give the quilt a permanent home. It will be on display there beginning February 18, 2012 and should be on display for a year. Also on display at the same time will be the "100 Quilts - 100 Years" quilt display. I have seen some of the entries. It will be well worth planning a trip to view these beautiful works of art!!!!!


Lois said...

Shirley, thanks for sharing! What a great quilt...lots of history included in it!!!!

Cactusneedle said...

I wish you could see the quilting on the front. Kind of like an "I Spy" - animals, flowers, etc. So fun!