Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Weekend

Since I had no quilt guild meeting to go to this week, bummer, I stayed home Friday and cleaned house and did laundry. Saturday I had breakfast club. Got home about 11:30. Spent about an hour working in the front flower bed burying soaker hose then sprinkling in wildflower seeds. Hope they all come up! I put in a mix, so it should be really pretty. The I made up a batch of bread dough and used some to make homemade pizza for supper. Sunday I took a break from work and did some cross stitch and worked on hemming some pants for a friend at work. Couldn't get my old Kenmore to do a decent twin needle stitch without skipping stitches, so had to set up my "traveling" machine on the kitchen table and use it. Worked like a charm. Sorry now I wasted so much time trying to get the Kenmore to work properly. Oh well, live and learn.

The cats did their usual body slam against the computer room door, wanting to get in where Mommy was. They start out scratching and pushing, and trying to reach under the door with their paws and meowing in their pathetic little way. If that doesn't work, they do the body slam, I wonder how far down the hallway they start their running leap. lol Of course, if I have the door properly latched, that doesn't work. Always scares me and makes me jump! I can't imagine it not hurting them, but they seem to think they have to be in whatever room I am in, even if dh is home for them to snuggle with.

Here's a picture of the babies in a quieter moment. They love sitting in the kitchen window watching what's going on in the back yard.

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